Successful show-weekend of children and grandchildren our Ulisse

Russian all breed Show

judge: А.Blashkevich (Russia)

Junior class


  Коppоd ‘Оrо Еskаdа Incredible Мe 
  (Pride оf Russia Sidor & Koppod`Oro Showbaby Shantel) 
  ex1, CW, J.САС, Best Junior of Breed, 
           Best of Breed!


 Champion class


  Koppod`Oro Showbaby Shantel
  (Ulisse Delle Querce Nere & GL Маria Маgdalinа)
  ex.1, CW, CАC, Best Female, Champion RKF!


Congratulations to our beautiful daughter Eskada and mother Showbaby
and their wonderful owners Kuleshov with excellent results!
We wish you continued success and new victories, we are so proud of you!

Russian all breed Show

judge: E.Romanenkova (Russia)

Baby class


  Dоbermundes Feeriya Grand Prix
  (Окsamit dе Grandе Vinко & Dоbermundes Аmore Мia Коppоd`Оrо) 
  V/P.1, CW, Best Baby of Breed, Best in Show Baby 1! 


Intermediate class


  Dоbermundes Vаluа Duc D ‘Оrleans
  (Ulisse Delle Querce Nere & Коppоd`Оrо Sеnioritaа Sirillа) 
  ex.1, CW, САС, Best Male , Best of Breed,
  Champion of RFSS ,Vice Winner of Group 2 FCI!


Congratulations to our baby Feeriya-new star and hope in our kennel with her super debut and great result at the age of 3,5 months, a lot of compliments to this charming child, we wish continued success to handsome boy Valua on the way to adult Russian Champion!
Julia and Vladimir, thanks for the our kids!

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