Special Dobermann Show in Novosibirsk

Special Dobermann Show

Judge: SUNCICA LAZIC (Serbia)  

Black Males
Puppy class  


  Koppod ‘Oro Gektor Grait 
  (Fan Fan de Grande Vinko & Pride of Russia Dilila)
   Very promising 1, CW,  Best Puppy in Show!


Junior class  


   Коppоd ‘Оrо Verrosano Vеst  
   (Коppоd’Оrо Fishborn Fly & Коppоd`Оrо Cheruttа Chizel)
    CW, JCCC 


Intermediate class 


   Коppоd ‘Оrо Bright Flash 
   (Pirat Pireira iz Zoosfery & Koppod ‘Oro Harisma)
    CW, CC  


 Brown Males  
Intermediate class 


  Коppod ‘Оrо Аstor Аlastоr  
  (Sergius Aleksandrija Sokrat & Koppod’ Oro Germiona Gift)
    CW, CC  


Black Females
Baby class 


  Коppоd ‘Оrо Еuro Primа
  (Pride of Russia Sidor & Koppod`Oro Showbaby Shantel) 
   Very promising-1, CW, Best Baby black female!  


 Puppy class  


  Коppоd ‘Оrо Grandessа Gionessa 
  (Fan Fan de Grande Vinko & Pride of Russia Dilila)
   Very promising-3  


Brown Females
Junior class  


  Koppod`Oro Volshebnitsa Virineya 
  (Koppod ‘Oro Fishborn Flay & Koppod’Oro Cherutta Chizel)
     excellent 2, JCC 



We congratulate with debut and the excellent beginning of our kids Euro Prima, Grandessa Gionessa and special congratulations to our Gektor Grait and to his wonderful owner Aleksander!  


 We congratulate all owners of our dogs with excellent results!
We wish all of you further successes and victories!

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