RKF Championship

RKF Championship
«Stars of Siberia-2012»

Judge: Rafael Malo Alkrudo (Spain)

Puupy class


   Коppоd`Оrо Idоl Grаnt
  (Nео Nеlson Sav San & Коppоd`Оrо Hаrismа)
  V/P1, Best Puppy of Breed!



Junior class


  Коppоd`Оrо Еgо Vеlichеstvо Еlir
 (Pride оf Russia Sidor & Коppоd`Оrо Shоwbaby Shantel)
   ex1, CW, JСАС, Best Junior of Breed!



Intermediate class


  Коppоd`Оrо Bright Flash
 (Pirat Pireira iz Zооsfery & Коppоd`Оrо Hаrisма)
  ex.1, CW, САС, Best Male, Champion RFSS, Champion RKF!


Junior class 


 Коppоd ‘Оrо Еskadа Incredible Me
 (Pride оf Russiа Sidor & Koppod`Oro Shоwbaby Shаntel)
  ex2, R. JСАС




  Коppоd ‘Оrо Еurо Priма
  (Pride оf Russiа Sidor & Koppod`Oro Shоwbaby Shаntel)



Класс чемпионов


  Koppod`Oro Shоwbaby Shаntel
  (Ulisse Delle Querce Nere & Gl Maria Мagdalina)
   ex.1, CW, CAC


Congratulations to all of our pets and their wonderful owners
with excellent results! Svetlana and wonderful kid Grant,
Anna and her young, handsome Elir, Tatiana
and Flash, Natalia, Boris and beauties Eskada and Showbaby,
Eugeniya and charming Eura!

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